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RUCKUS Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) v2.6 (GA) User Guide

RUCKUS Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) v2.6 (GA) User Guide.

Review this document for UMM NMS platform Installation and Upgrade, Getting Started, and managing / monitoring / reporting on ZD controllers, ICX Switches, P300, and up to 300 Unleashed AP networks information.

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Applicable To The Following Products

Unleashed and Multi-Site Manager

Ruckus Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management. Separate controllers and access point licenses are no longer needed, significantly reducing up-front costs. With a simplified web interface deploying Unleashed is very easy.

Ruckus Unleashed is custom-designed to help small business owners grow their business, deliver an excellent customer experience and manage costs while supporting Wi-Fi and a variety of mobile devices with minimal IT staff.

Unleashed access points have built-in controller capabilities, including user access controls, guest networking functions, advanced Wi-Fi security and traffic management. Smart Mesh is available on all but H320/R3xx model APs. As businesses grow to multiple sites or a larger scale deployment, Ruckus offers an easy migration path to controller based Wi-Fi, using the same Wi-Fi access point.

Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) is a new NMS platform for Unleashed, ZoneDirector, P300 bridges. If you have Unleashed networks deployed across multiple small sites, Unleashed Multi-Site Manager is the one-stop solution for management, monitoring and reporting. It is a complete management platform that is intuitive and easy to use. It enables Unleashed networks to be securely monitored and managed from anywhere in the world with a single sign-on.


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