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FlexMaster 9.13.1 (MR1) Software (full ISO)

FlexMaster MR1 Software (full ISO) image.

Read Release Notes before upgrading at this Link.
2016-11-30 02:48:48 PM
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FlexMaster 9.13.1 (MR1) Software (full ISO)


The Ruckus FlexMaster (FM) Management System is a fully-featured, intuitive, and complete, Linux-based managed service platform for configuration, fault detection, audit, performance management and optimization of hundreds of thousands of remote Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless LANs (WLANs) from a single point. It provides a unique collection of automated and customized facilities not found in other management platforms such as an automated and customized super dashboard, trending reports and customized graphs, detailed client data for planning and troubleshooting and comprehensive events management.

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