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SmartZone 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2) Software Release (SZ144-D) (.ximg image) (MR2) has an issue which restricts upgrades. This is tracked in ER-11538. A KSP can be applied to fix this issue and can be found here

This KSP is required to move from (MR2) to any release including (MR2 Refresh). The (Mr2 Refresh ) has this fix included.

The SmartZone (SZ144-D) system version 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2) consists of the following (.ximg image) build:

• Data Plane Software Version:

Please read SmartZone 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2) release notes and SmartZone 5.2.2 (GA) Upgrade Guide.

Before upgrading SZ-100 to 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2), update to the SmartZone 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2) Sigpack 1.540.1 (Application Signature Package).

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SmartZone 5.2.2 (LT-GD MR 2) Software Release (SZ144-D) (.ximg image)

SmartZone 144-Dataplane (SZ144-D)

The SmartZone™ 144 Data Plane appliance (SZ144-D) is a wireless LAN data plane appliance, that comes in physical form factor with four (4) 1Gbps and four (4) 10Gbps ports. Made to work seamlessly with Ruckus SmartZone network controllers (vSZ-E, vSZ-H), the SmartZone Data Plane appliance (SZ144-D) enables secure tunneled WLANs from Ruckus APs while minimizing CAPEX spending and maximizing Wi-Fi deployment flexibility and scale.

SZ144-D appliance benefits businesses that have leaner IT departments with limited virtualization expertise or that wish to further simplify deployments. Operators, ISPs and large enterprises can deploy the SZ144-D in a centralized data center with SmartZone network controllers, or at specific venues in a distributed topology. In addition, organizations have the flexibility to deploy SZ144-D at each of the tenant locations based on their requirements.

The Data Plane appliance brings multiple high value features, such as:

  - High performance DHCP-server

  - NAT (Network Address Translation)

  - L3 Roaming

  - Flexi-VPN

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