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Ruckus Network Director 3.5 Software Release

Ruckus Network Director (RND) v3.5 (GA) Software Release (.ova image)

NOTE: For latest RND software downloads, please contact your Ruckus Sales team.

RUCKUS Network Director must be upgraded to 2.5.20 version to move forward to 3.5 version. For more details, please refer to "Upgrading RUCKUS Network Director version" section in the RUCKUS Network Director User Guide.

Supported Ruckus Products

  • SZ100, SCG200,vSZ(E&H) and SZ300
  • Supports Ruckus SZ APs Only.
  • NOTE: Zone Director controllers are not supported by RND.

Before installation confirm that you have read Ruckus Network Director (RND) 3.5 (GA) Release Notes, and have the necessary VM resources as described in the Ruckus Network Director 3.5 (GA) Installation Guide.

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Ruckus Network Director 3.5 Software Release

Ruckus Network Director (RND)

The Ruckus Network Director (RND) is application software, which targets an "on-premise" deployment model and establishes a level above Ruckus SmartZone (SZ) controllers, in order to manage the entire Ruckus Network in large scale multi-cluster infrastructures. The Network Director incorporates network inventory and access point registration components into a single application User Dashboard Interface.  Network Director helps to improve network operations efficiency through an extensive feature set including:

- a single pane screen with network health monitoring across multiple SZ clusters, which provides network wide and node specific visibility.

- detailed network inventory, including network nodes and licenses, which helps to plan necessary network extensions and upgrades.

- access points' movement by one or in bulk between SmartZone controllers.

- customer driven access point registration rules and ability to park AP on a particular SZ cluster automatically, which solves problems of bulk AP roll-outs by non-experienced technicians.

- cluster backup scheduling managment.

Network Director brings Ruckus customers a useful set of tools for improvment of their day-to-day operations of the Ruckus Network.

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