Technical Support Bulletins

Technical Support Bulletin TSB 2014-206-A

Description: During an upgrade from FOS v7.1.0 or later to specific FOS releases, one of two issues may occur depending on the release being upgraded to. Upgrading to FOSv7.1.2a, FOSv7.1.2b, FOSv7.3.0, v7.3.0a, v7.3.0b, v7.3.0c may cause a switch to go into rolling reboot. Upgrading to FOS v7.1.0 – FOSv7.1.2 or FOS v7.2.0 – FOSv7.2.1c may cause Fibre Channel (FC) proxy devices imported in the backbone Fabric Router (FCR) switch to become stuck in an initializing state, but may not necessarily trigger a rolling reboot condition.
Release Date:
November 20, 2014
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