Technical Support Bulletins

Technical Support Bulletin TSB 2013-169-A

Description: It is recommended that customers upgrade and enable FEC for the MLX 24x10G and 2x100GE blades. Probability of encountering issues below is not high, but FEC offers better protection and higher reliability. Forward Error Correction (FEC) in the MLXe internal fabric is a feature available in the 24x10G and 2x100GE HW. FEC is enabled by default in MLXe32 starting with 5400c. FEC can be enabled manually for MLXe16 in 5400d. FEC is enabled by default for MLXe32 and MLXe16 starting with 5400e. FEC is enabled by default for all MLXe chassis types starting with 5600a
Release Date:
October 22, 2013
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