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CP_ES 5.0.3297 (GA) Release Notes

Cloudpath_ES 5.0.3297 (GA) Release Notes.

The Cloudpath 5.0 operating system has been updated to Cent OS 7. This change in the operating

system does not allow normal Admin UI system updates from version 4.3, and earlier. To update to

version 5.0, you must deploy a new 5.0 OVA and import the database from the older system.

2018-03-06 06:41:45 PM
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Applicable To The Following Products

Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES)

Cloudpath ES Highlights

  • Automated onboarding for all users, including employees, guests, and contractors
  • Intuitive workflow engine for comprehensive policy-driven access
  • Distributes unique certificate per device based on policies
  • Built-in certificate infrastructure and RADIUS server
  • Automates EAP-TLS, the WPA2-Enterprise gold standard
  • Supports guest use cases, including sponsorship
  • Differentiates between IT-owned and personal devices
  • Provides visibility into users, devices, and policies
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services
  • Integrates with external LDAP and RADIUS servers
  • Integrates with your existing WLAN

Cloudpath ES is deployable on-premise as a VMware server(s) or is available as a cloud service to make a powerful addition to existing ZoneDirector and SmartZone platforms.

To request a Demo for a CP Trial account, click this Link.

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