Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES)

Product Detail

Cloudpath ES Highlights

  • Automated onboarding for all users, including employees, guests, and contractors
  • Intuitive workflow engine for comprehensive policy-driven access
  • Distributes unique certificate per device based on policies
  • Built-in certificate infrastructure and RADIUS server
  • Automates EAP-TLS, the WPA2-Enterprise gold standard
  • Supports guest use cases, including sponsorship
  • Differentiates between IT-owned and personal devices
  • Provides visibility into users, devices, and policies
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services
  • Integrates with external LDAP and RADIUS servers
  • Integrates with your existing WLAN

Cloudpath ES is deployable on-premise as a VMware server(s) or is available as a cloud service to make a powerful addition to existing ZoneDirector and SmartZone platforms.

To request a Demo for a CP Trial account, click this Link.

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Cloudpath Enrollment System
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Technical Support Bulletins

ID Title Version Release Date Edit Date
TSB 2010-093-A 2010-10-27
TSB 2011-131-A 2011-11-23
TSB 2011-129-A 2011-11-09
TSB 2011-128-A 2011-10-28
TSB 2011-127-A 2011-10-28
TSB 2011-126-A 2011-10-28
TSB 2011-109-A 2011-02-28
TSB-2010-96-A 2010-12-08
TSB 2010-094-A 2010-12-06
TSB 2012-141-A
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TSB 2009-066 2009-12-11
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TSB 2012-008-O [1] 2013-04-12
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TSB 2010-083-A [1] 2013-09-03
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TSB 2013-161-A [1] 2013-06-05
TSB 2013-161-A 2013-06-05
TSB 2013-155-A
TSB 2012-149-A 2012-08-13

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