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6 GHz Design and Configuration Considerations

This document addresses factors and concerns related to designing, deploying, and configuring new 6 GHz networks, including Wi-Fi 7 networks. Many factors can affect both the initial design and final performance of networks, and 6 GHz brings additional factors and considerations when planning for these new networks.
2024-01-26 03:58:43 PM
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RUCKUS One is an AI-driven network assurance and business intelligence platform that enables enterprises to easily manage a converged network, make better business decisions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. With flexible subscription and deployment models, RUCKUS One enables you to deploy future-proof networks simply, reliably, securely and at cloud-scale.

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Ruckus R770

The RUCKUS R770 is a high-end Wi-Fi 7, tri-band concurrent indoor AP that delivers 8 spatial streams (2x2:2 in 2.4Ghz, 4x4:4 in 5Ghz, 2x2:2 in 6Ghz) and supports Wi-Fi 7 features such as Multi-Link-Operation (MLO), Preamble Puncturing, 4K QAM Modulation, and 320 Mhz Channels. It delivers industry-leading performance environments with a combine data rate of 12.22 Gbps. Furthermore, a 10Gbps Ethernet port eliminates wired backhaul bottleneck for full use of available Wi-Fi capacity.

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